Ruhaani Development has over 30 years of experience in residential and commercial development. Spanning from the development of raw, uncultivated land to the development of large residential communities. Ruhaani Development has created a successful formula of taking distressed properties and transforming them into marketable real estate, at an appreciated value.

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About Ruhaani Development

Idris began his career in real estate development in 2001. With many phases of evolution in response to the changes in the industry, Idris Assad realized the need for a service that could encompass the varying needs of the real estate development process. The outcome has been in a one-stop factory of acquiring, designing, crafting and selling residential and commercial properties for both the average home buyer and the real estate investor. With this method, Idris Assad has grown into a profitable real estate developer, completing an annual average of 2.5 million dollars in contracted work year-over-year.

In 2022 Idris Assad established Ruhaani Development to focus on building sustainable subdivisions with the goal of inhabiting clusters of high- quality and productive members of society to forge truly sustainable communities.

The Ruhaani Development’s vision is to create energy efficient real estate at every price point. Using a systematic approach to find unmarketable and devalued properties in key areas of metro Atlanta and redesigning those properties to capture the marketable attributes. Whether taking foreclosed, distressed homes or starting from acres of rough wooded lots and bringing them to their full potential after repair value (ARV).

Ruhaani Development has a proven exit strategy in pre-marketing projects to an ever growing pipeline of potential buyers and investors early in the development process. The result is bringing multiple buyers to the table in addition to positively impacting metro Atlanta home values through delivery of quality crafted home designs.

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Eco Friendly Construction

We strive to deliver LEED and Energy Star certified projects whenever possible and build using eco-friendly materials and natural resources


High Quality Construction Management

Our project management staff uses our proven Critical-Path method to drive projects to completion while effectively managing trade resources to keep labor costs as low as possible


Contruction Guarantee

We stand by our work and provide a builder’s warranty that guarantees our workmanship with each project

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“Our years of experience in real estate acquisition, custom home building & renovation give us the ability to transform an unsightly property into a highly desirable home in an expeditious manner. Our management team understands what it takes to bring a property into marketable condition.”

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